Today, 58 organizations in the Children’s Budget Coalition, led by First Focus Campaign for Children, sent a letter to Senator Patty Murray, Senator Susan Collins, Representative Tom Cole and Representative Rosa DeLauro — the chairs and ranking members of the Senate and House Appropriations Committees — strongly urging them to prioritize the health, safety, protection, and well-being of all our nation’s children during the FY2025 appropriations process,

Excerpt of the letter:

Important budget decisions are before you in the coming months and during the rest of this Congress that will have consequential effects on the investments we make for children, families, and those most in need. Millions of children in the United States and around the world are suffering and deserve our commitment to creating better outcomes for their now and future. Children offer an inherently unifying issue. Polling consistently shows that Americans — regardless of party, gender, race, or other demographics — want a positive children’s agenda.

Read the full letter here.