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Do I need any previous experience to be an Ambassador?

To become a First Focus on Children Ambassador you do not need any previous experience with advocacy or public policy. All you need is a passion for helping children and a willingness to learn! 

How will I know what to do?

First Focus will train you and provide you with everything you need to become a child advocate. You will also receive ongoing support whenever you need it.

How do I get started?

All you need to do to receive specialized advocacy training and support is to sign the Ambassador Pledge agreeing to 1) take action at least 6 times each calendar year and 2) to share information with others. 

I don’t have much free time, how much time will this require?

There is no time requirement however a rough estimate would be roughly four hours a month. 

What specifically will I be trained to do?

Once you sign the First Focus Ambassador pledge you will gain access to step-by-step guidance on:  

  • critical children’s policy issues 
  • how to speak powerfully 
  • how to write a personal letter to your member of Congress 
  • how to request and conduct a meeting with your member of Congress  
  • how to use traditional media and social media to amplify your advocacy and  
  • how to find and include other local allies in your efforts 
  • how to grow a group of advocates around you to help and support you 

Where can I find more information?

For additional background on First Focus and the issues we address, check out the First Focus blog or the First Focus Campaign for Children website— or contact Leila Nimatallah at for anything else not covered here. 

Become An Ambassador For Children

Ambassadors are our most active child advocates who bring critical issues to decision-makers in the U.S. Congress related to vulnerable children— both in the United States and worldwide.