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The Campaign for Children tackles policies in health care, education, early childhood, poverty and family economics, child welfare, taxes and budget, and a host of other areas that directly affect children and their prospects, and works to create an educated electorate that selects its leaders based on the way they treat kids.

Hold Politicians Accountable

Politicians often talk about children as a way to score points with voters. First Focus Campaign for Children holds elected officials accountable for promises they make on the campaign trail. We maintain a robust Bill Tracker that evaluates legislation in real time and offers lawmakers guidance on how to vote in the best interests of children.

Acknowledge Champions for Children

First Focus Campaign for Children acknowledges elected leaders who offer steadfast support to children and consistently work in their best interest. Our annual Legislative Scorecard names the country’s “Champions” and “Defenders” of Children, offering voters a metric for evaluating a lawmaker’s commitment to kids.

Polling and Messaging

First Focus Campaign for Children collaborates with leading pollsters and messaging experts to develop communications that move lawmakers to act and voters to respond. We publicize our findings through our network of advocates, called Ambassadors, arming them with facts to help encourage their representatives to protect and promote children’s well-being.

Grassroots Organizing

First Focus Campaign for Children works with state and local organizations across the country to ensure that elected officials hear from their own constituents on matters that affect children. First Focus Campaign for Children also leverages the power of constituents through our Ambassadors for Children Network. Comprised of business leaders, scholars, advocates and community members around the country, Ambassadors for Children consistently flag challenges facing children to decision makers in the U.S. Congress with action alerts, letters to the editor, phone campaigns, and in-person meetings with lawmakers and their staffs.