It shocks many people to know that the United States has among the highest rates of child poverty in the developed world. That 15 million kids don’t get enough to eat. That 17 million must sit in parking lots to access the internet so they can do their homework. That more than 1.5 million children are experiencing homelessness. This past year, especially, has exposed us as a nation that has failed to invest in its future and desperately needs to correct injustices.

The national bipartisan advocacy group First Focus Campaign for Children has created an opportunity for advocates in every city and town in the United States to help our country’s 74 million kids with the Ambassadors for Children Network.

The First Focus Ambassadors Network is a movement of committed advocates who serve as a voice for children and families in the United States. They will be the local leaders in the fight to eliminate child poverty, secure health coverage for all kids, end racial inequity in schools, protect immigrant youth, and finally make kids a priority in federal spending.

Now is the time for hope — and action. At the center of the most recent COVID-19 relief package was a plan to cut child poverty in half — and renewed momentum to end it entirely in a generation. Congress also has finally begun to view child care as essential. And millions of voters are now urging Congress to pass laws in “the best interest of the child.” 

To learn more — or join the movement — visit the Ambassadors for Children Network.