Congress must add CHIP permanency to the Inflation Reduction Act

On the 25-year anniversary of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), First Focus Campaign For Children President Bruce Lesley made the following statement:

“No child or family should have to worry about the cost of their child receiving the care that they need. For 25 years, CHIP has helped ensure children have access to essential health care services and medication. Despite the important nature of this program, CHIP has repeatedly been placed at risk, putting the health of children in jeopardy. CHIP is the only federal health insurance program that is not permanently funded. Because of this temporary structure, it is subject to being used as a political bargaining chip at renewal. We cannot reflect on the 25 years of life saving coverage CHIP has provided, without also remembering that the program has been vetoed twice and recently left unfunded for a period of 4 months. These periods of uncertainty have led to lapses in coverage and heightened anxiety for families. We call on all leaders to voice their support for making CHIP permanent. After 25 years, we must finally do right by kids by permanently funding the program and providing children and families the assurance that their child’s health care coverage is protected. CHIP permanency must be added to the Inflation Reduction Act. As we strive to strengthen affordable health care coverage for Americans, we can’t leave children behind.”