Wichita Eagle

Kansas’ $12 million federal award (“Enrollments in Medicaid earn state a bonus,” Dec. 21 Business Today) is a welcome reminder that when Republicans and Democrats work together, government can make real progress for real people – in this case, cutting red tape to cover uninsured children.

This award recognizes HealthWave’s success in protecting children’s health. While thousands of families have lost employer-sponsored health insurance, the uninsured rate among Kansas children has actually fallen, thanks to HealthWave and Medicaid.

That success happened because Republicans and Democrats in Topeka put children’s health ahead of politics and built a system that works for kids.

The federal HealthWave law will expire in 2015 unless Congress acts to extend and enhance it first. Leaders on both sides of the aisle need to hear that covering uninsured kids is a success story Kansas families want to continue.

Bruce Lesley

President, First Focus Campaign for Children