Blueprint Shows How 116th Congress Can Act on the Best Interests of Children

Washington, DC: First Focus Campaign for Children released the Proactive Kids Agenda, a guide for the 116th Congress on policies they could enact that would prioritize the needs of children. In the coming decades, the ratio of seniors to those of working age will be twice as great as it was in the 20th century, and it is now more critical than ever to support our nation’s children—all of them deserve equal access to health care, education, proper nutrition, housing, and the support they need to have a fair chance to succeed.

“Any policies that affect children should base their foundations on the best interests of the child,” said Bruce Lesley, President of First Focus Campaign for Children. “In adopting these cross-sector recommendations, lawmakers would showcase their commitment to the moral and economic duty they have to make our country a better place for children.”

The agenda, available on, presents 10 action points for Congress to pursue, including:

  • Cutting the U.S. child poverty rate in half within 10 years
  • Establishing “Best Interests of the Child” standard for all immigration policy decisions
  • Ensuring all children have health coverage that meets their physical, oral, and behavioral health care needs
  • Ensuring all children have the food they need to thrive
  • Increasing investment in children so they receive their fair share of the federal budget
  • Revitalizing infrastructure serving the nation’s children


The First Focus Campaign for Children is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization affiliated with First Focus, a bipartisan children’s advocacy organization. The Campaign for Children advocates directly for legislative change in Congress to ensure children and families are a priority in federal policy and budget decisions. For more information, visit