Early learning must be included in any budget deal

First Focus Campaign for Children is pleased to support the child care and preschool reconciliation proposal put forward this week by Sens. Pat Murray (D-WA) and Tim Kaine (D-VA).

The proposal acknowledges the fragile state of our child care system and meets the need to include in any reconciliation package funding to support child care providers, teachers and parents.

“Child care is essential U.S. infrastructure, and the reconciliation proposal from Senators Murray and Kaine offers critical support,” said Bruce Lesley, president of First Focus Campaign for Children. “Early learning must be included in any reconciliation package because it is vital to children, families, the economy, and the early learning workforce that nurtures our nation’s children.”

The proposal would:

  • Provide increased child care funding through the Child Care and Development Block Grant to all states
  • Fund increased compensation for early childhood educators, improvements to facilities, and the expansion of child care slots available to parents.
  • Create a pilot program for states to expand child care assistance to more families and cap their expenses at 7% of income for children ages 0-5
  • Provide funding to states to create or expand pre-K programs
  • Increase funding to Head Start to raise wages for teachers and staff 

For more information on the proposal, please visit the summary from the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions.