Eight years ago, I led a research effort at Spitfire Strategies that informed the development of the Just Enough Planning Guide. That tool – built by Spitfire with funding from the Moore Foundation – offered an accessible and effective resource for nonprofit campaign planners.

Well, it just got better. The new Planning to Win guide, launched this month by Spitfire, is still easy to use, and it still challenges nonprofits to choose the best path to victory and build a realistic plan that aligns with available resources. And – thanks again to the Moore Foundation – it’s still totally free. But Planning to Win offers some important upgrades – here are my three favorites:

1. Sharper focus on charting your course to a win, which informs better decisions about tactics, partners, profile, and everything
2. Better integration of guidance on managing opposition and engaging partners
3. Web-based platform makes it easier to collaborate with partners anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner who wants to make the process accessible to colleagues and partners, or whether you’re planning your first campaign, this tool can help. Check it out and spread the word!