Here’s a fact you may have trouble believing: the government department in charge of housing refuses to acknowledge over one million homeless children and youth. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) current definition of homelessness excludes most homeless children or youth: those staying in motels or temporarily with others because they have nowhere else to go. So they don’t get help, simply because they’re young.

But you can help us fix that right now. The bipartisan Homeless Children and Youth Act (S. 256, H.R. 576) would fix HUD’s definition to include homeless children and youth who have been verified as homeless by its own homeless assistance programs, other federal programs, and public school district homeless liaisons. It doesn’t cost taxpayers a single penny, and it includes no new mandates.

Send a letter to Congress to tell them one million homeless children and youth are counting on us. Ask your representatives to co-sponsor the Homeless Children and Youth Act.

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