Today, First Focus Campaign for Children sent a letter to Senators King and Murkowski, authors of the Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACE) (S. 3085) to express our support for the bill.

Excerpt from the letter:

ACEs are traumatic incidents in a child’s life that have long-lasting, detrimental repercussions on a child’s health, happiness, and opportunities. A heightened awareness of the link between ACEs and long-term health is increasingly vital. According to the CDC, ACEs are connected to chronic health issues, mental health conditions, and drug abuse in adulthood. Decades of research have linked ACEs to an elevated risk of behavioral problems and chronic illnesses such as obesity, autoimmune disease, depression, cancer, coronary heart disease, and alcoholism. Not only do ACEs affect people’s health, but they also found that having several ACEs increases a person’s chance of subpar academic performance and high unemployment rates.

Read the full letter here.