Over the last two decades, our country has made tremendous progress ensuring children and pregnant women have access to high quality, affordable health coverage. Thanks in large part to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), the rate of uninsurance among children has dropped to a historic low of less than five percent. Children and pregnant women also receive health coverage through an array of other sources, including employer sponsored insurance, individual and small group commercial health insurance sold through the marketplaces, Medicaid, CHIP, and TRICARE. Despite historic progress in insuring children, close to 3.3 million children continue to lack the health coverage they need to survive and thrive.

As a nation, we must build on what is working for millions of children, pregnant women and their families by keeping Medicaid and CHIP strong and enrolling all eligible children, strengthening private coverage, and working toward a health care system that meets the needs of all children, pregnant women, and their families, regardless of their health or immigration status, family income, or zip code.

Any changes to our health care system must further improve coverage for children and pregnant women. The following document outlines a set of guiding principles for future health care policies, as agreed upon by a coalition of child health care advocacy organizations.

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