Child Rights

Every child should have quality healthcare, a good education, and a safe home and community. But the United States lags behind other nations in protecting these basic rights. America has one of the highest infant mortality rates among developed nations, and the United States leads the world in violence against children and child poverty. Child farmworkers in the U.S. also continue to work in dangerous conditions at very young ages, and the United States is also one of the only nations that has failed to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. First Focus is working to educate policymakers about the need for reforms that protect the basic rights of every child in America.


Letter: Vote Scorecard on H.R. 5

| March 23, 2023 |

Today, First Focus Campaign for Children sent the following vote scorecard for H.R. 5 and related amendments to all members of the House of

Testimony: House Judiciary Committee Hearing on “Free Speech: The Biden Administration’s Chilling of Parents’ Fundamental Rights”

| March 22, 2023 |

Today, First Focus Campaign for Children submitted the following statement for the record to members of the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Limited Government.

Letter: In Opposition to H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights Act

| March 7, 2023 |

Today, First Focus Campaign for Children sent a letter to Reps. Virginia Foxx and Bobby Scott — the Chair and Ranking Member of the

Joint Letters: Support the bipartisan Strengthening Tribal Families Act of 2022 (H.R. 8954)

| December 16, 2022 |

A coalition of organizations dedicated to holding our country’s child welfare system accountable sent the following letters to leaders of the Senate Finance Committee

Letter of Support for the 21st Century Children & Families Act

| November 23, 2021 |

First Focus Campaign for Children sent the following letter to Rep. Karen Bass supporting her bill, the 21st Century Children and Families Act (H.R.

Fact Sheet: Children’s Protection Act of 2021 (H.R. 3716)

| November 11, 2021 |

What is at stake for children? Children are the cornerstone of the world – comprising a quarter of the U.S. population and a larger

Statement for the Record: “Making a Difference for Families and Foster Youth” Subcommittee Hearing

| May 12, 2021 |

First Focus Campaign for Children submitted the following testimony to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means Subcommittee on Worker and

COVID relief passes with aid for millions of children

| March 10, 2021 |

Biggest policy gain for children in decades The American Rescue Plan passed just moments ago by the House of Representatives marks the biggest policy

Letter: Opposition to the attempt to overturn the Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act

| February 16, 2021 |

First Focus Campaign for Children sent the following letter to Senator Mike Lee in opposition of S.J.Res. 7, which would overturn the Minor Consent

The Promises We Must Make to Our Children: Recommendations to the Biden-Harris Transition Team

| January 4, 2021 |

The kids are not alright. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession, we were failing our kids on a whole range of domestic