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First Focus Campaign for Children’s Farm Bill Priorities

| August 25, 2023 |

The Farm Bill offers a cross-cutting opportunity to prioritize children in our nutrition, environmental, and rural assistance programs. Please find below a list of

Policy Brief: How Proposed Budget Cuts Harm Children

| May 9, 2023 |

The U.S. House of Representative’s recent passage of H.R. 2811 uses the full faith and credit of the United States as a bargaining chip

Vote Recommendation: Mark up of the Border Security and Enforcement Act of 2023

| April 18, 2023 |

First Focus Campaign for Children is a bipartisan organization dedicated to making children and families the priority in federal policy and budget decisions. As

Statement: Farm Bill Conference Protects SNAP, Rejects Harmful Cuts to Program

| December 11, 2018 |

First Focus Campaign for Children is pleased that the Farm Bill conferees have produced a bipartisan farm bill agreement that rejects harmful cuts to

How Kids Fare in the Senate “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”

| November 27, 2017 |

The Senate to Vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act The Senate is poised to vote on its version of the Tax Cuts

15 Ways the Tax Bill Harms Children and Families

| November 7, 2017 |

Recently, the House of Representatives passed its tax bill to dramatically overhaul the existing tax code with a 227 to 205 vote. The bill’s

Nine Million Reasons to Extend CHIP Funding Now

| September 20, 2017 |

EDITOR’S NOTE: This was originally published on Medium. In the midst of the chaos that is Washington, D.C., Congress is gambling with the health and well-being

The Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act is the Wrong Direction to Reduce Child Poverty

| August 11, 2017 |

The Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act, introduced in June by House Freedom Caucus Chair Rep. Mark Meadows, Freedom Caucus member Rep. Jim Jordan,

Foster Youth Going Places

| June 19, 2017 |

Learning to drive is a rite of passage to young adulthood for millions of youth. It brings new levels of independence and opportunities, enabling

Do No Harm to the Health Coverage of Millions of Children

| June 18, 2016 |

Raising five children, Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) undoubtedly knows a thing or two about the health care needs of children. In a Today storyrelated to Father’s