Today, First Focus Campaign for Children sent a letter to Sen. Tom Cotton, and Rep. Jim Banks, authors of the Protect Minors from Medical Malpractice Act of 2023 (H.R.1276/S.635) to express our opposition to the bill.

Excerpt from the letter:

While this bill claims to target healthcare providers, its ultimate impact will be reduced access to potentially lifesaving care for transgender children by discouraging providers from administering the treatment these children need. Preventing children from receiving the healthcare they need is dehumanizing and unscientific. Studies show that delayed access to gender-affirming care significantly harms transgender childrens’ well-being and mental health. Forcing transgender children to wait until they reach 18 prolongs the distressing period of gender-incongruency, which could lead to self-harm, worsening mental health, or suicidal ideations. Discrimination, whether by family members, by the government, or in a healthcare setting negatively impacts non-gender conforming youth. Deleterious public policies are linked to poor mental health outcomes and suicidality.

Read the full letter here.