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Statement: Debt Limit Bill would gut children’s health care, food aid, and other programs

Federal Budget

As the House of Representatives moved toward a vote today to increase the nation’s debt limit in exchange for deep cuts to federal spending on children, First Focus Campaign for Children President Bruce Lesley released the following statement:

“We could not agree more with House Speaker McCarthy’s recent statement that we must ‘act for future generations.’ Which is why it’s impossible to understand his pledge to protect Medicare, veterans, defense spending, Social Security and other programs by disproportionately disinvesting in our nation’s children. The House leadership’s debt limit proposal aims to fund those programs by gutting children’s health care, food aid, protection, education and general well-being. Not only is targeting children immoral, it’s a bad business decision for the country. Reams of research have shown that government investments in children actually turn a profit, one that Wall Street would be proud of. We strongly urge the House to abandon its short-sighted agenda and make those long-term investments.”

Mr. Lesley joined members of Congress, faith leaders, service providers and other advocates earlier in the day at a rally opposing the cuts. View the rally at this link