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In the News: The Democrats’ Luck Runs Out

| October 13, 2017 |

From The Atlantic: After a run of unlikely victories last month, it seemed possible for Democrats to forget—at least momentarily—that they were the party

In the News: Congress Can’t Get Its Sh*t Together and It’s Putting Kids at Risk

| October 11, 2017 |

From The Daily Beast: Ever since mid-September, Emily Piper has been on high alert. The commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services drafted

In the News: 9 Million Kids Could Soon Be Without Free Or Low-Cost Health Insurance

| October 2, 2017 |

From Jezebel’s THE SLOT: In the midst of their bid to rip health insurance from millions of Americans under the now-failed Graham-Cassidy bill, Republicans allowed the

In the News: Congress threatens to take health insurance away from 9 million kids, just because

| October 2, 2017 |

From The Intercept: A program that provides health coverage to some nine million children was allowed by the Republican-controlled Congress to expire over the weekend.

In the News: As CHIP expires unrenewed, Congress blows a chance to save healthcare for 9 million children

| October 2, 2017 |

From The LA Times: Advocates for children’s health started worrying months ago that congressional incompetence would jeopardize the nation’s one indisputable healthcare success —

In the News: Home visits for rural parents could be slashed if law expires

| September 29, 2017 |

From 89.3 KPCC: One of the items on Congress’ long to-do list of things to accomplish before the fiscal year ends is reauthorizing federal

Youth Advocates Share Hopes for First 100 Days

| January 9, 2017 |

YouthToday 1/9/17 By Molly McCluskey WASHINGTON — Candidate Donald Trump offered little insight into his prospective policies surrounding youth and families, and President-Elect Trump

Who are the Real Champions for Children?

| December 22, 2016 |

The Hill 12/21/16 By Bruce Lesley In “Senators owe vulnerable kids real debate, floor votes” by John Kelly and Daniel Heimpel (Dec. 14), they correctly highlight

While State Focuses on Adult Homelessness, Homeless Youth on the Rise

| December 16, 2016 |

WNPR Connecticut 12/16/16 By David Desroches Homelessness among children and youth in Connecticut has increased by over 11 percent since 2012, according to new data

National Report Shows Rise in Homeless Student Numbers

| December 16, 2016 |

News and Sentinel 12/16/16 By Michael Erb PARKERSBURG — While nationally many states are seeing an increase in the number of homeless students, locally